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Ronny Weathers

Ronny "RonMan" Weathers; #15; Backman

16 year old Ronman will rock your socks off with his Dragun T.E.S. (all stock i might add, and all black) He plans on getting a SP Freak kit, A Crossfire 68/45 HPA tank, Shockteck TES Tube, and a JAM Enterprises "No more tears" bolt at some point in time this summer. In his freetime he enjoys hanging out with friends, mackin on the ladies, watching/playing hockey, Fireworks, and of course playing paintball (is there anything else?). He has been playing for a little over 1 year. You can contact RonMan through AIM at weathas89, or email him at

click to see the full version of ronman's gun setup: